How to hang a canvas print

Hanging your photo on canvas on your wall is super simple and done in no time. We always deliver all our products, so also with our photos on canvas, with a FREE hanging system. The hanging kit of our canvases has been developed by us and patented.

We supply a hanging clip, 2 screws and a short manual for each print.

Step 1

Measure the center of the canvas and place a line with a pen or pencil in the middle of the wooden frame.

Step 2

There is a small line in the middle of the hanging clip. With this you can place the clip in the middle of the canvas. Next you can put screws into the wooden frame with a screwdriver.

Step 3

You can now hang your photo on canvas on a nail or screw on one of the zig-zaged side of the hanging clip.

Hanging your canvas step 3

It is wise to check, in advance, where and at what height your canvas needs to hang. This prevents wrong drilling and a lot of grumbling of your partner, family member or landlord ;)

Even if you do not have the hanging clip mounted completely straight and your canvas is slightly tilted then you can move and shift it until the canvas is hanging straight.

Hanging your canvas print with a thin cord from the ceiling or hanging rail

Do you want to hang your canvas with a thin cord from the ceiling or hanging rails? Then that is of course no problem. You can simply tie the wire around the hanging clip.

Now your canvas with that beautiful picture hangs on your wall and you can start enjoying it! :-)

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