Collage on canvas

Design a collage on canvas with your own photos!

  • Use our collage tool for FREE! You only pay the price of the canvas print.
  • Use only 1 or up to 36 photos!
  • You choose the design, spacing between photos and the colours!
  • Creating a collage has never been this simple and fun!

Create a personal collage with your favourite photos with our FREE online collage tool! You get to decide what your collage will look like. It is possible to use 1 or up to 36 photos and each photo can be edited, rotated, zoomed in or out until you like what you see. Choose the background colour and your collage is ready to be printed. Because our collage tool is free, you only pay for the canvas with prices starting at £8. Decorate your home with a beautiful collage of your own photos on canvas!

Click on this button to start creating your own collage!

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Collage on canvas
Collage on canvas
Collage on canvas