No more drilling, super easy to stick to your wall

Delivered with a FREE magnetic hanging system

Easy to rearrange or replace, whenever you want

Suitable for all walls! Including plastered walls and wallpaper

No more drilling, super easy to stick to your wall

Delivered with a FREE magnetic hanging system

Easy to rearrange or replace, whenever you want

Suitable for all walls! Including plastered walls and wallpaper

5 stars
Excellent 4.9 of 5! Based on 5349 reviews

Standard delivery

5 working days


1 working day


CusttomFrames® are super stylish and lightweight photo frames. You never have to drill again, because you can stick the CusttomFrames® to your wall quickly and easily.

With the clever magnetic hanging system you can move them until they hang perfectly straight and you can change them in an instant. With all the various CusttomFrames® colour choices, you can create a new work of art every day!

Material and format

A CusttomFrame® consists of a lightweight plastic photo frame containing your photo or image. The photo frame has a size of 20 x 20 cm, 2 cm thick and is available in various hip and stylish colors.

CusttomFrames dimensions

Without passe-partout

With passe-partout

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Each CusttomFrame® comes with a FREE smart magnetic hanging system. You can stick your CusttomFrame® on your wall and magnetically rearrange or replace.

You can choose from two types of tape. Permanent tape and removable tape (tesa Powerstrips).

Please note: the removable tape (tesa Powerstrips) is not suitable for scrub-resistant or washable paints and is less adhesive than the permanent tape.


A FREE handy spacer is supplied with every order. With this you can hang your CusttomFrames® quickly, easily and perfectly straight. The spacer ensures that the distance between the individual CusttomFrames® is exactly the same. Is a CusttomFrame® accidentally not hanging completely straight? No problem! Thanks to the magnetic hanging system you can always move the frame until it hangs straight again.

CusttomFrames spacer

Suitable for all walls, also on plastered walls and wallpaper!

Our CusttomFrames® are suitable for sticking to any wall or surface. This includes plastered walls, wallpaper, coarse stucco, non-woven wallpaper, tiles, wood etc. Whether you can remove the CusttomFrames® without damage depends on the quality of the wall and for which tape you have chosen.

Mix your photos with the images from our stock photos

You can make your personal photo wall even more beautiful by 'mixing' it with the beautiful images from our image bank. You will find the complete stock photos in the ordering system. Experiment and switch as often as you want. Create a new work of art from your memories every time!

Customer reviews
Now just £5.95 each
Excellent 4.9 of 5!
5 stars
5349 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. We try to keep our website and working method as simple as possible. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you and always offer a good solution!

What is the delivery time for CusttomFrames®?

Our standard delivery time is 5 working days. If you need your order quickly, we offer a 24hr Express Delivery or 48hr Priority Delivery.

How much are the shipping costs?

Our shipping costs are £4.95 per order. If you need your order quickly, we offer 24hr Express Delivery for £29.95 or 48hr Priority Delivery for £17.95!

What material are CusttomFrames® made of?

CusttomFrames® are lightweight photo frames made of 20 x 20 cm plastic.

How thick are CusttomFrames®?

CusttomFrames® are approximately 2 cm thick!

How big are CusttomFrames®?

The CusttomFrames® are 20 x 20 cm and approximately 2 cm thick.

How do I hang my CusttomFrames®?

It's super easy to hang your CusttomFrames®. You first determine where you want to place your first CusttomFrame®. Make sure the surface is free of dust and grease. Then you remove the paper from the sticker. Firmly press the CusttomFrame®. Is your CusttomFrame® not completely straight? No problem, the magnetic hanging system makes it easy to move the frame until it hangs straight.

Can I switch my CusttomFrames® easily?

Yes, thanks to the smart magnetic hanging system you can move and change your CusttomFrames® in an instant when you want.

How do I clean my CusttomFrames®?

The CusttomFrames® can easily be cleaned with a soft and slightly damp cloth.

Are CusttomFrames® suitable for outdoor hanging?

CusttomFrames® can easily be hung outside. Please note that CusttomFrames® can wear out faster due to the influence of the weather.